Global Keratin

Global Keratin uses a unique, patented, unhydrolized form of keratin called Juvexin. Juvexin’s protein blend is unprocessed and in its natural state so the amino acids and proteins are intact and mirrors hair’s natural structure. Global Keratin’s hair smoothing treatment brings the hair back to its more youthful state, protects it from environmental stress and daily styling damage.

Global Keratins hair smoothing treatment comes in several formulas, depending on hair texture, curl and desired result. Global Keratin has a formaldehyde-free hair smoothing formula for wavy hair, producing frizz free results that keep the wave or curl. Another formula is for curly hair which removes frizz and creates a sleeker look. If your hair is extra coarse and curly and resistant, you may want to use the strongest formula available. Your stylist will be able to help you decide which formula is right for you. All formulas penetrate into the cuticle layer of the hair to replace protein that is needed to make the hair shiny, smooth and frizz free. The treatment leaves the hair more manageable and cuts down on the time needed to blow dry and flat iron frizzy, unruly hair. In most cases it will cut styling time at least by half.

 Global Keratin hair smoothing treatment requires the use of specified shampoo and conditioner to retain the effects of the keratin in the hair for as long as possible. The treatment will last up to 5 months in the hair depending on texture and condition of hair. The treatment is best administered directly after color processing when the cuticle is open, otherwise a two week waiting period is recommended for keratin application. A 72 hour waiting period before shampooing is necessary for keratin to be set in the hair. During this time leaving your hair down straight refraining from the use of any hair restraints is necessary. If the hair accidentally gets wet in the 72 hour waiting period, flat iron the hair out as soon as possible.

Juvexin™ Hair Taming System. incorporates our unique keratin formulation which protects the hair's natural properties and prevents damage to the hair surface. Unlike over-processed hydrolyzed keratins found in the market today, Global Keratin’s Juvexin™ Hair Taming System. is an organic, active complex component, delivered to the hair in its raw, natural state. Critical amino acids and proteins remain whole to condition hair and protect it from damage and aging caused by environmental factors. It works on all hair types, leaving it healthy looking, shiny and frizz-free for up to 5 months.

1. Is this treatment a relaxer? No. Global Keratin is a Keratin based treatment that straightens and softens the hair.

2. Does the treatment work on virgin hair? Yes. On virgin hair, best results will be achieved after the second or third application depending on the formula used.

3. Can this treatment be done on any type of damaged hair? Yes, this treatment can be applied on ANY previous chemical treatment (colored, highlighted, relaxed, bleached or virgin hair).

4. Can you do the treatment over the Japanese straightening? Yes, the treatment can be applied over any kind of straightening.

5. Is it best to apply Global Keratin Hair Treatment before or after coloring?For optimal results, color/highlighting processes should be done before applying Global Keratin. Otherwise, wait 2 weeks after the treatment application to apply color/highlights.

6. Can the treatment be done on children?We recommend it for children at 12 years of age and over.

7. Can I wash my hair right after the treatment?Yes, however the treatment will not last as long as if you wait 48 hrs.

8. Why do I have to wait to wash my hair? We recommend that you wait because it takes 48 hours for the Keratin to seal the hair cuticle. If hair is washed right after the treatment, the Keratin will wash out.

9. How long does the treatment last? The treatment last about 3-5 months depending on the hair type and maintenance. Treatment will work better on chemically treated hair.

10. Is the treatment permanent? No, this treatment will gradually wash away after 3 – 5 months.

11. Can I go into the ocean or the pool after the treatment? Do not go into the ocean or pool in the first 2 days. After that, you may swim. However, apply Global Keratin leave-in conditioner to your hair before you get in the water and rinse well afterwards before shampooing.

12. What shampoo do I use after the treatment?Global Keratin (Sodium Chloride-Free) Shampoo & Conditioner.

13. Can I use styling products during the first 2 days?Styling products can be used after the first shampoo.

14. Can I get the treatment done while pregnant or nursing? While there are no known adverse effects, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult a physician prior to any type of hair treatment.

15. Is this treatment good for African American hair type?Yes, this treatment is great for African American hair.

16. What is the difference between relaxers / Japanese straightening and Global Keratin Hair Treatment? Global Keratin Hair Treatment is a Keratin based treatment that straightens the hair naturally without strong chemicals. It is a reconditioning treatment that transforms the hair and restores shine. Relaxers and Japanese straightening work on breaking and rearranging the internal bonds of the hair. Once these processes are done, the hair is permanently straightened. The new growth of the Japanese straightening will always be curly, but the previously straightened hair will never revert or blend back.