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I try to anticipate questions you might have about my products and services, so I have provided the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to: sisalonspa@msn.com 

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What is Light Concept Nails (LCN)?

LCN nails are incredibly natural looking artificial nails created with an innovative light-cured gel system. The product is applied as a gel and then placed in a light unit for 2 minutes to harden.
What is the difference between LCN nails and acrylics?
Acrylics contain harsh chemicals that can damage natural nails, and have strong, unpleasant odors. LCN products are safe, look more natural, and are far more durable than conventional acrylic nails. Added elasticity means less breakage, and the LCN hand and nail care product line guarantees that nails will continue to look stunning and new in between regular treatments.
What separates LCN from similar light cured nails?
LCN is the original pioneer of light cured nail systems, having debuted the technology in Europe in 1985. LCN remains the #1 nail system in Europe, and the third largest in the world. LCN products are the result of Wilde Cosmetics GmbH and its skilled German chemists and beauty technicians. We have a history and reputation in the industry that others simply cannot match.
Don't Gel nails break easier?
LCN light cured nails are not traditional gels. They are light-cured synthetic resins that become hard when cured in the light unit. An intentional amount of flexibility remains, and this actually prevents breakage. Like the wings of an airplane, a modest amount of flexibility actually protects the nail from breakage, lifting, and snapping.
Will everyone know I'm wearing "fake nails"?
No! The beauty of LCN is in the clean, natural look with and without polish. Each nail is individually sculpted to suit your individual nail shape, resulting in a highly natural looking nail treatment. Unlike conventional acrylics and gels, light cured nails achieve an elegant, natural final result.
I've just had acrylics. Are my nails too damaged to use LCN?
No. The products behind LCN Concept NNC (Natural Nail Care) are specifically formulated for clients who prefer to keep their natural nails… or are looking for safe, effective treatments to strengthen and repair weak and damaged nails. LCN also offers a Nail Stabilizer System to repair damaged nail plates before new artificial products are applied. We also offer a variety of products that will camouflage imperfections in previously damaged nails. And remember, because LCN products do not contain harsh chemicals, you'll never have to worry about adding further damage to your nails.
Will my nails stain from gardening, housecleaning, or other activities?
No. Once they harden, LCN nails are completely non-porous. That means nothing can penetrate or stain the nail!
What ingredients are in LCN?
Ingredients vary by product. We always respect our clients' rights to know the ingredients used on their nails. MSDS sheets and ingredient lists for individual products are always available upon request. Most importantly, we take pride in using only non-toxic ingredients in all our products. In fact, many LCN products (including those in the LCN Spa Series), contain all-natural ingredients that provide healthy peace of mind: tiger grass, whit tea, orchid, mint oil and aloe vera, to name a few.
Our feet carry us around all of our lives, day in, day out, patiently and dutifully.  They have to tolerate the everyday stress of standing too long, wearing tight shoes, having insufficient airing and exposure to too much moisture.  Our feet deserve better.  Our feet should be well cared for, beautiful and seen by all!  Introducing barefoot by LCN, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction made possible by the development of modern corrective materials.  Barefoot is highly effective for the treatment of toenails right in your own salon or spa.  As the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic, light-curing one component pedicure resin, Barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result.  Barefoot contains the ingredient Piroctone Olimine, a proven anti-mycotic substance that is time released to keep working, even after the product is cured.  Due to the flexibility of barefoot the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural.  Available in four shades: clear, pink, opaque, or pastel; and two camouflage: colors cool pink or natural beige, barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails.
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As the world's third leading manufacturer of cosmetic nail products, the success and reputation of LCN is based on a long history of providing exciting, innovative breakthroughs to the world of cosmetic science.

A Proud History...
When Wilde Dental was founded in 1914, few knew that these pioneering German researchers in dental resin would make such a lasting impact in the beauty industry. But in 1985, Wilde Cosmetics GmbH was established to bring the same quality, durability and beauty of composite resin systems to fingernail cosmetics. The result? LCN, a revolutionary line of light-cured products designed to seal, correct, lengthen and beautify fingernails. The first of its kind in Europe, this system provided a non acrylic alternative to conventional nail cosmetics... providing longer lasting and infinitely more beautiful results.

... and the Future of Beauty.
LCN USA, established by Patricia Griesdorn, finally brings this European beauty secret to America's fingertips. And today, the LCN line has expanded to include even more natural nail, hand, foot, body and spa products. Still, every LCN beauty product remains the result of careful research, educated industry professionals, and a flawless eye for the future of beauty and fashion. Like the products that bear its name, LCN continues to break new ground in the beauty industry... while its quality still stands the test of time.





I have visited many salons in and around the area to view what they are calling Gel Nails. Many NSS (Non-Standard) salons today are selling a service called Powder-Gel. While there is a product out there by Le-Chat, called Powder Gel, this is not a true authentic gel nail service.  This is in fact another form of Acrylic Nails!.




Gel Nails are NEVER a powder sprinkled over your nail bed, and then a resin, or uv top coat applied. Furthermore, if your nail tech is dipping her brush in liquid and then the powder your still getting acrylic nails.  You know your getting a true gel nail service when your nail professional applies a 3 - 4 step application of a gel.  Each thin layer is UV Cured for 2 min. or up to 30 sec in a LED Light.